We can do so much for you. Go ahead. Take advantage. You have the potential to seamlessly link your reservations into one master itinerary in TripCase thanks to our relationships with thousands of travel providers*. Reservations with these connected travel providers seamlessly stay up-to-date no matter how your plans change. But wait, physician there’s more… You still have other options for building a trip:

1. Manual: Add the details on your own by creating a trip and filling the fields for flight, hotel, rental car, etc. We’ll walk you through it step by step on the app or on the web.

2. Email: Send your confirmation emails to trips@tripcase.com and we’ll upload the details for you. Be sure to email us from the address you used during sign-up.

3. Connected partners: It’s true, some friends do get benefits.
Import a record locator, from your travel agency or a Trip ID from an online site, like Travelocity, and your reservations will be linked to your TripCase account and stay updated instantly.

Add almost anything: flight, hotel, dining reservations, transportation — whatever you like. As a matter of fact, the more you add, the more informed you’ll be.


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