Corporate Savings Program

To insure maximum optimization of a company’s travel dollar, search Atlantic Corporate Travel enrolls it’s clients on any applicable airline corporate travel program, such as American Airlines’ Business Extra program. These programs provide the added benefit of earning points which can be redeemed for airline tickets, discount upgrades and/or club memberships.

In addition, as members or Thor 24 and Vacation.com, Atlantic Corporate Travel uses the global power of both of these consortium to maximize the savings available to our corporate clients via their hotel and car rates’ negotiating programs.


Airline Upgrade Programs

As part of our efforts to maximize our clients travel comfort while assisting them in staying within the guidelines of their travel budgets, we offer a variety of upgrade programs with many of the major international carriers.

These upgrades cover many major cities in Latin America, Europe and the Orient. They allow passengers to travel in business or first class with substantial savings off the regular fares.

At Atlantic Corporate Travel we have specially trained staff to service international business travelers. Our international agents review many flight itineraries and fare alternatives before recommending the best routing for overseas travelers.

For our travelers we provide the following services:

Custom made itineraries
Our staff will provide customized itineraries for all your international trips or book packages and tours that suit each traveler’s individual needs and budget. Our services also include train reservations. And if the traveler wants to enjoy a play or show, we can also make arrangements for theater tickets.

Customs information
Atlantic Corporate Travel advises clients on specific customs regulations that vary by country. This information includes duty charges, visa and passport requirements, luggage allowance and currency.

Other items of importance
To make our clients’ trips more enjoyable, our staff will make sure that all your travelers are aware of other information such as weather, customary dress, tipping, languages and much more.